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You Need a Chicago Real Estate agent on The Buyers End

Dwell One Realty is an ideal real estate partner in Chicago and is working in your interest when buying real estate, whether it is a condo, loft, townhome, or co-op. Dwell One Realty's, real estate agents, will assist you in buying the absolute best home for you at the lowest price we can negotiate. You don't want a real estate agent or real estate broker in Chicago who's trying to sell you just any property in your price range. Remember, you're buying real estate in Chicago, it's a tough market and you need a great real estate agent. So work with a real estate agency that is truly looking out for your interest - Dwell One Realty.

With real estate transactions in Chicago, your agent is required by law to act in your interest as the buyer of Chicago real estate.

Dwell One Realty's, real estate buyer's agents can provide you with additional information about your property, as well as the seller of the property. Dwell's real estate agents are meant too be objective to the positives and negatives of the property you are looking at, more so than the seller or his representation in the real estate transaction.

Ask if there are any restriction of various types of representation as well as what services are included. Normally, with buyer's agent in a real estate transaction, the commission is taken care of by the seller. So let Dwell One Realty protect your interests and find you a new home in Chicago.


 Factors To Think About Before Purchase: